Monday, October 26, 2015

Android Phone issues with streaming

Please install a chrome browser or basically any browser from google play if possible. Usually the problem is caused the ability to support flash.


  1. I am wondering if an update was done over the weekend that messed that up. Phone worked fine last week, along with my tablet. Didn't pay to much attention to what was updated since there was so many last week. Both are Android system with Chrome as the default browser.

  2. Gordy,
    I don't think anything has changed on this end since last Thursday, but, they may still be working on it.

  3. Hey Dennis, well after playing around I found that somehow in Chrome the Popup Blocker was turned on, both my phone and tablet were that way, I reset it and it works now. I didn't make the change.

  4. Hello Dennis not sure about cameras. For past two days all I get is a white screen when clicking on all webcam locations? I am strictly on my desktop computer.

  5. All cameras seem to be operating normal - if you have problems, try some of these:
    1. try browser reset
    2. try PC reset
    3 see if it works on a different device
    4. clear browser cache

  6. There are some folks who cannot see the cameras on their Android phones.

    The problem is usually caused by a default Samsung browser. Please download any browser from Google Play. There are lot's of browser options for free that include the ability to read Flash.

    Try several until you find one that works.