Saturday, September 26, 2015

Harbor History -Duluth Fog Horn

Listen to the old horn!

 Story contributed by Zenith City Online
by This Day

On this day in Duluth in 2006,  members of Duluth’s TOOT (“ReTurn Our Old Tone”), who had purchased Duluth’s old fog horn, dismantled the horn. Duluth had relied on a fog horn from 1885 to until the 1970s—some folks loved it, others hated it. The 1885 signal was updated with steam-powered whistles in 1901, locomotive […]
The diaphone fog whistle as it appeared inside the South Pier Lighthouse. (Image: X-comm.)


  1. So that's where the Barker gets it from!!!! Thanks for the info, Dennis.

  2. Thanks for the link Dennis. I remember my disappointment when the three phase power was lost at the pier. Whether good or bad, it was never foggy enough for me to hear it on my visits.

  3. Yes, the fog horn was a big part of my childhood in Duluth. It made Duluth a real Port City. But, people even complained back in the 1880's when it was first put in. And so it goes!

  4. Good to hear the fog horn again, remember it well. Just not the same without it. How can you not like hearing it...I don`t understand that. Thanks for the memory.

  5. Yes, thanks for the memory. The security of that fog horn and my parent's house, would put me to sleep at night. Put me in the column in favor of the old deep fog horn. It is quite a treat to hear it once again. TY

  6. On a Cub-Scout tour of the Arial bridge in the 50's, we were climbing up the metal lighthouse stairs when the operator let the fog horn blow unexpectedly (it was a bright sunny day). I remember the whole cub pack diving to their knees in terror! My mom heard the blow in Lakeside, and wondered where the fog was. Wonderful memory... a shame the city gave up on this.