Saturday, August 22, 2015

Glensheen Webcam added!

Glensheen Webcam
Thanks to some watchful viewers (Greg), I have included the Glensheen Pier cam in our cameras.

The unusual view looks out at Lake Superior from the Historic Congdon Estate located a few miles from Downtown Duluth.

This should be a great place to do a little storm watching.

The Glensheen Estate is a "Must See" for anyone visiting Duluth.

Here is a Virtual Tour if you would like to visit and cannot make it yet.


  1. This is really cool Dennis, love it. The view looks like you can see the curve of the earth. You are right, will be great for watching the "moods" of the lake and the storms. The family must have had their own boats for pleasure sailing, I can almost picture it. Thanks for this Dennis, awesome.

  2. Thanks for adding the Glensheen cam so I don't have to keep hunting for a link or remembering to watch it. Just in time too, the way the wind is kicking up and it's gonna be storming. :)

  3. Dennis, the link to the virtual tour of Glensheen doesn't work. It has a pop-up "authorization" thing and wants a user name and password.

  4. Sorry, bad link to the tour -- should be good now. Thanks

  5. Just a quick thank you for all that you've been doing in promoting Duluth and the surrounding area through the use of the cams including Buzz and Skeeter. My wife and I will be visiting the area next week. Thank you again!

  6. Thanks for credit/mention on the new Glensheen cam, Den. You REALLY got that added quickly (less than 24 hours after I sent the suggestion to you on Friday night.) All cams are not created equal and people just have to expect AND learn to ACCEPT that some night viewing is GONNA be grainy! I still think the lightning and waves seen with the flashes from tonight's storm look cool!