Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Capt. Henry Jackman arrived Duluth 08/18/2015

Capt. Henry Jackman arrived Duluth at 06:00


  1. Dennis,,, just wondering,, does the rader on ships inter fear with anything in town?? Alarms rader decetors ect??

  2. Dennis....thanks for getting the cameras back up and in working order. My husband and I certainly appreciate being able to watch the ships. Was just wondering, as we sit here in Michigan, and watch the traffic if it would be possible for somewhere on the site that the temperature in Duluth would show. We here don't normally get near as cold as you there because of the influence of Lake Michigan....albeit we get a lot of lake effect snow....lol. Anyway, just thought that the temperature would be a interesting side note. Thanks again for all your work.

    1. Dan & Mary...The current Duluth weather information is already on each camera page. Scroll down any page and look to the right of the comments - it's at or near the bottom of all the sidebar links. :)