Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mobile Device viewing Trouble

UPDATE: Wednesday 07:30 - The issue with being able to view the cameras on mobile devices has been corrected.  Please let me know if you are still having issues.

UPDATE: Tuesday 20:47 - There appears to be an issue with the streaming service to mobile devices. I will be working on this issue with the streaming company when they get back to work tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Tuesday 16:00 -  It appears that viewing the cameras on mobile devices has quit working. I will be digging into this issue and will get it working ASAP. Sorry for the trouble. You can still see the snapshots on mobile devices by selecting "Snapshot Backup Views"


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  2. All cameras are loading for me, except the canal cam. I've tried it numerous times. Thanks for your time on fixing this. F.E. In Milwaukee

    1. Dennis, All cameras are loading for me. Thanks. F.E. In Milwaukee

  3. All cameras are working fine now. Thanks Dennis. J.D. In St. Cloud.

  4. All cams are ship shape for me this morning. I'm on a desktop PC though, not mobile.

  5. Dennis, the canal site still isn't working for me on my PC. Ron in Grand Rapids, MI.

  6. Thanks Dennis, it just came on. Had the same problem yesterday
    and only with the canal sites. Thanks again. Ron in Grand Rapids, MI'

  7. Pb with Canal Cam few days ago, working fine now (on Mac).
    Christophe from Toulouse (France).