Thursday, July 23, 2015

Leif Erickson Park's Rose Garden Tour 07/23/2015

This morning I let Buzz go for a flight over the Duluth Rose Garden.

With more then 3000 rose bushes representing more than 100 varieties, the Rose Garden sits atop the I-35 Freeway and is an especially enchanting place to visit in the late summer months when the roses are in full bloom and the fragrance acts like an instant tranquilizer.

Don't forget to go "Full Screen"on the video.

The music is courtesy of Mary Beth Carlson -


  1. Very pretty. Thanks Buzz... You too Den... Penny in IL

  2. looks like a(nother) beautiful day in the northland!

    thanks for the bird's eye tour of the rose garden


  3. Where is the Viking ship that was at the Leif Erikson park?

  4. The Viking Ship has been nearly refurbished and is in storage in the warehouse at Pier B.
    The plans for the boat will be to put it back at Lief Erikson in a special protective booth.
    Timing depends on fund raising.

  5. Dennis, thank you so much for sharing the rose of my favorite spots in Duluth. So peaceful.