Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Boat Alerts now on Twitter

So, I am now going to start sending out boat alerts using a Twitter account that I just created called duluthharborcam. (the old method got too expensive)

If you want to get the Boat Alerts, just follow duluthharborcam on twitter.  The alerts will still only be when I see them coming.

I may recruit a few avid boat watchers to help me out on this by sending Boat Alert Tweets out as well.


  1. How about sending them out on a Facebook acct instead of Twitter? I do not follow Twitter.

  2. I don't use Twitter either. :(

  3. I don't have either, so it won't matter to me as I'm constantly going to the site anyway..It's helpful to follow the boat schedule too..It at least gives you an approximation of when to start watching..Thanks again Den for all you do for us..Penny in IL

  4. That would be great because I don't go on twitter either. Thank you.