Friday, April 17, 2015

Project #4 Progress Report 4/17/2015

Project #4 Progress Report 4/17/2015
The goal of this project is to analyse the internet connection speed, camera setup and network traffic at the Marine Museum in order to optimize available internet bandwidth and minimize camera pauses.
  1. Issue - both cameras have occasional pauses due to bandwidth use and speed limits.
  2. Bandwidth does occasionally bounce into the 4MB upload limit.
  3. The bandwidth needed by each camera stream depends somewhat on the light conditions and busyness of the view.  i.e reflecting morning sunlight on the waves doubles and triples the need bandwidth until the sun moves out of the scene.
  4. Last week we raised $600 to investigate ways to optimize these two cameras.
  5. I have hired a local computer company to examine the internet/network connection to see if speed can be improved.  We will be starting this examination next Monday and hopefully get these two cameras streaming better then ever.