Thursday, April 2, 2015

Kaye E. Barker departed Duluth 04/02/2015

With a fresh coat of paint, the Kaye E. Barker departed Duluth at 10AM Thursday.


  1. Can you explain the meaning of theKaye Barker's horn signal from this morning-- three long, two short?

    1. That is the ship salute Three long two short. Captains salute is one long two short.

  2. Most often when you hear the customary horn-blowing sequence of "long-short-short" it is a friendly salute to the Port of Duluth from the ship captain and is responded to by the lift bridge operator with the same sequence.
    In the case of the Kaye Barker this morning, since to Barker is just coming out of dry dock with a fresh coat of paint, I imaging the Captain gave a few extra blasts to show off this beautiful boat.

  3. Dennis could you comment on the use of the AIS system. I had assumed that each ship must have one and that it must be operational. The Kaye E. Barker left Duluth this morning, but I could not find via the two AIS services available. Hence it must be OK for a ship to turn it off when they wish too ???

  4. Large boats are required to have AIS, That said, the different AIS services have different antennas located around the area. The antennas cannot always see the boats when they are in the shadows of building and such. It is not unusual to see a boat one minute and not the other. Generally speaking, the AIS system is reliable and helpful.