Monday, March 9, 2015

Camera News - Pier B Camera Off for awhile

The new Pier B complex is now under construction which has cut off access to the PierB camera for the time being. Once I can access the camera, we should get it back. It may be awhile however.

Although it isn't the same, I have put the Pier B Costruction Cam in it's place for now.


  1. Hi Dennis: Great news about the new complex. I knew they were going to build a new complex, but I did not know when. During our visit, we heard there would be shops, and also there will be apartments. Is this still what is being developed? What is the anticipated end of construction date? Thanks again.

  2. Jeff, There will be more phases to the project, but for now, the hotel, restaurant and marina is a huge endeavor.

  3. Well, I have no complaints on the new view from the Pier B camera. You can really see a good view of the harbor and the Coast Guard Station and a really long view into the lake over to the other shore. Thanks Dennis...Penny in IL