Thursday, December 11, 2014

Harborcam Upgrade in progress

Our new "Streaming" Harborcam installed. --- While I have some tweaking left to do on the new harborcam, it is up and running.

Comment:  Many thanks to those of you who donated to fund this camera. It is hard to believe that from December 3rd to today, the 12th, we raised the $1500, order the camera, and have it installed.  WOW - All I can say is thank you so much.

About the new camera view.  While the view seems a bit distant, I tried to include as much of the harbor as possible, so that the combination of the Bayfront Cam and the Harbor Cam will just about give us full coverage.

I will continue to adjust all six cameras that we have now and hope that you enjoy the different  viewing options.



  1. great news. Looks like a lot of people jumped on the bandwagon to help with new webcams. Thanks to all you generous people who share the love of Duluth enough to help make this possible.

  2. Love the new "panoramic" angle, Dennis. Now, since we know you can make it snow, can you make the fog disappear so we can actually SEE the new view?!?! Judy in La Crosse

  3. Marvelous view Dennis! I really like seeing the action on the Sundew.


  4. Getting rid of fog is a challenge, but, I'll keep working on it.

  5. Thanks so much for your work and this website. I look at it every day and so does my daughter and our grandsons here in Iowa. So does my daughter in San Francisco. It gives us a taste of our vacations in the Arrowhead from far away

  6. Thank you so much Dennis for your dedication, these streaming
    cameras are great. As a native Duluthian I appreciate them & they
    keep me in touch with my past. Thank you.

  7. Thank you very much Dennis, the new Harbor cam is fantastic. It sure
    covers a nice big area. I love it.