Saturday, December 6, 2014

Harborcam Replacement Funding --- Success!!! Thank you, Thank You

What can I say but thanks.  Three days ago I let this community of duluthharborcam viewers the need to upgrade the Harborcam camera due to age and lack of streaming ability. Over the next three days we raised the $1270 needed.  Just stunning and humbling.

Over the past several years, I realized that these cameras have become windows to the Duluth waterfront for more then just myself.  I get great satisfaction out of helping provide a way to view the waterfront  "live" via internet, that has only been possible to do in the past several years.   When I see comments, or get emails from viewers who will never be able to stand in Canal Park or the Duluth hillside and watch boats, weather, people and wildlife, then I understand that these cameras have become something very important to others, not just myself. Providing this service to others has become more rewarding than I ever could have imagined.

I am a native Duluthian and as a photographer I photograph harbor and lakeshore scenes often, especially Canal Park.  When asked why I keep returning and photographing the same location time and time again, my only reply is that it's different each time, GOD mixes a different element of each day.

I'm sure many of duluthharborcam viewers feel the same way, I don't know if this is an addictions, but if it is, I'm hooked. Hooked on the views, but, most of all hooked on knowing that together, we can make a better day for hundreds of people at a time, as they enjoy the sights and sounds of one of the most beautiful locations on the planet.

I will continue to save the coffee fund money for the next project.

Thanks again,


  1. Thank you, Dennis, for giving those of us who can't be there the opportunity to watch the ships come in. I was able to experience Canal Park in person this past August for the first time and I am jealous of anybody who can just wander down there anytime they wish. What a gem Duluth is!

  2. Thanks for what you do Dennis! I am what my family calls a "ship freak". My home page is so every time I log on to the internet, I am brought to my favorite place. Thanks again!

  3. Well, Dennis, you're worth it ..

  4. "GOD mixes a different element of each day"? Thanks again Dennis and may God continue to bless your work!
    Matt Park Rapids, Mn

  5. Thanks Matt, you must be an English teacher:-)