Monday, August 11, 2014

CSL Assiniboine backs through the Duluth Shipping Canal 08/11/2014

How do you back a 730 ft Laker through the Duluth Shipping Canal? Very Carefully!

After coming into Duluth to refuel, the CSL CSL Assiniboine captain chose to back his boat back out into the lake rather then turn around.  On the scanner he stated that he would like to try something different.  --crazy Canadians

The CSL Assiniboine sailed to the superior Entry where it is waiting it's turn to load at the BN  Docks.


  1. Dennis I watched this maneuver live this morning and thought that I was seeing something unique. Thanks for posting it so we can all watch it again! Elizabeth from St. Cloud MN

  2. Wow that is real interesting. Thanks.Too bad there were only a few people there to see this unusual sight

  3. Does anyone know why they would attempt to depart this way?

  4. Crazy is right! Did it go "beep beep beep" as it backed up??