Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sky High- Duluth

After winning the Outdoor Magazine "Best Outdoor City" contest- it is not hard to see why so many folks agree -- Duluth is a great place to live.  This morning was a perfect example.


  1. Great picture...never saw so much of the harbor...loved it

  2. Since 1970 we have always known how great of a city Duluth is!
    Finally, the overdue recognition has been achieved.
    Even Iowans know how lucky you are to "be there" every day!!

    Jan and Ron
    Cedar Falls, IA

  3. Love this picture, Dennis. Will buy you another cup of coffee for this. Different perspective, just wonderful. Headed to Sturgeon Bay from Nashville next week, may have to make another run over to Duluth.

  4. Beautiful picture - looks very different from the air.

  5. Well deserved. Great picture! Love your website.

    Lagrange OH

  6. There are two "box-like" structures, one at the top of each end of the lift of the lift bridge. Have they always been there and I just never noticed or is that something new?

  7. The box-like structures are counterweights that offset the weight if the bridge center-span. The two weights weigh the same as the center-span so the bridge lifts easily with no strain on the gears.