Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Duluth Harbor Boat Traffic for Wednesday 4/9/2014

1000 ft American Spirit arrived at 10:40


  1. It is a wonderful thing to see the ships moving again. Everything is coming to life.

    1. Why did the ship return to Duluth after picking up taconite in Two Harbors? Seems like a coals to Newcastle headscratcher. Did they forget something and had to go back?

  2. The American Spirit returned because there was no place to go. The boats on the other end of the lake are having a very difficult time in the ice.

  3. Saw cutters in the Fraser slip cutting up ice this morning- nice temps but still so much ice!

  4. Thanks. I'm guessing that Two Harbors is a bit crowded now and there was no room at the Inn. If you have to hang out 'till the ice melts, it's probably better to have a solid dock to tie to.