Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why the open water in the Canal

The water current in the the canal is fairly strong, much like a small river, thus keeping the water open. It will freeze up, or get plugged up with ice, but usually doesn't last long.
In the Springtime, you will be able to see chunks of ice drifting back and forth through the canal as the current reverses several times a day due to a phenomenon called a "seiche" (SAYSH, a French word that means "to sway back and forth"). This happens when water piles up on one side of the lake because of wind or high barometric pressure and then shifts back to the other side. Small seiches occur all the time.

Spring is here!  Almost!


  1. Thank you for that information! I was wondering why, with the rest of the lake almost iced over, that small area would be not covered in ice. Love the lake information you post! Keep it coming!

  2. Must have read my mind - was there a year ago today and the canal was full of huge lily pad shaped ice - was so beautiful. So I was wondering why the absence - thanks ! Know you guys are ready for Spring - hoping it comes soon for you.

  3. Capt. Tom Mackay (Ret.)February 20, 2014 at 11:20 PM

    Moving water does something called upwelling where it brings warmer water up from below and the cold water on top sinks to replace it. This is another reason the Canal does not freeze over. Most of the water in the Lake is 39 degrees below a certain level and this is the warmer water that is brought up from currents and wavy conditions.

  4. if u look at the tracks in the snow on the pear, someone was walking on the ledge...crazy...

  5. Thank you for all the good information. What kind of ducks are always swimming in the canal. Its -17 this morning and they are out there swimming around! Don't they ever go south?