Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Camera Update

Update: 21:00 Wednesday-----Camera icing has cleared and the snow is moving out-----nice to see the harbor again.

Most of the cameras are now ice covered and unable to see.  There are small heaters in each one, however, as long as the snow falls and off-lake winds stay high, it will be difficult for the small camera heaters to melt the ice.

This is a classic winter storm for this time of year and once the skies clear, there should be some fantastic photo opportunities, either with the web cameras or out in the cold and snow.

By the weekend, there should be some cool views of ice covered boats arriving off Lake Superior.

I will turn the cameras back into place once the ice has melted off.

Stay warm,

p.s. My wife won't let me use her hair blower to speed up the melting.


  1. hi Denny
    I Like your PS. Made me laugh

  2. Seeing what I can see from other webcams, I don't think I would be out there trying to clear the cameras either. :) Stay safe and dry!

  3. RATS!!!
    I was looking forward to seeing the waves crashing against the piers!!! That would be great to see!
    Windshield wipers for the cameras?????

  4. Oh man, wanted to see some good snow! Will check back tomorrow. Meantime, stay safe and enjoy the 'cup of coffee' I sent ya the other day.

  5. thanks dennis!


  6. Need a Heated Wind Turbine to get rid of Fog, Ice and Snow on Cameras

  7. Love the new stream from the museum. I was hoping to see the waves as well and could see them a little on Tuesday. But it's comforting to watch ships and actually hear them and the bridge communicate.

  8. Thank YOU!

    It sure is nice to be able to "see" again!