Monday, December 30, 2013

Camera Status update

Camera Update: 12/30.2013-14:22
Today I was able to clear 1/4 in of clear ice from the LSMMA Cam and Pier B using mixture of hot water, windshield washer fluid and alcohol. This was the only thing that seemed to work in -10F.
Happy New Year!

Camera Update: 12/30/2013 -- 06:00AM  Due to the extreme cold, high of -10F, the ice from Saturday's freezing mist remains on the Canal Park cam and the Pier B cam.  The GLA cam and Pier B cams are currently in automatic shutdown due to the cold.

Since we won't be going above zero until Friday, it might take awhile to get back to normal operation.

The good news is, the days continue to get longer and springtime is right around the corner.


  1. Dennis, It's a loooooooong corner !

  2. "...and springtime is right around the corner." Dennis, I love your optimism!!! We of the Frozen North must cling to the eternal promise of Spring. Stay warm :-)

  3. Thank you, Thank you Dennis!! We really appreciate your work.
    Keep warm. Have a great New Year.
    Love these huge freighters.