Saturday, October 26, 2013

Camera Status Update!

1. This week we have installed a new streaming camera at the Lake Superior Visitor Center. The new camera has streaming video, sound, and snapshot updates.  Thank you for you patience as I continue to work out some bugs. Overall, I think it will be a nice upgrade for the lsmma camera.  The snapshot image is still available by clicking on the top left thumbnail picture, the streaming image is the third one down in the right column.

Camera sound - with high winds, the banging you hear on the camera stream is metal cables used to raise and lower a flag banging on the flag pole.  Sorry about that, we'll be working on a fix.

2. Right now, the camera displayed on the website is the old camera, which has become somewhat unreliable in the past few weeks.  There are some programming changes that must be made on the  website that are scheduled for next week that will bring the new camera up onto their pages.

3. I removed sound from the GLA camera as it was located near an air vent the muffled the sound during the summer months.  In this case, the lsmma camera will have better sound.

4. If you have issues, and I'm sure there will be, let me know and I will try to correct them.

Enjoy the view!


  1. New camera is great as are the old cameras. Thank you for all your hard work allowing us to share in the beauty of the harbor area. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!!

  2. Thanks for all you do to promote the Lake Superior experience. We tune into the cameras daily.

  3. why are the cameras black and white after dark

  4. The cameras are black and white after dark because they switch to a "Low Light" mode that enable them to see better. When a camera sensor tries to see color in low light a lot of graininess gets amplified by the electronics and makes for a poor image.

    1. that was what i was wondering,i just watched it switch,other than that ,kick ass ,now i just need a ship to come in, thanks Dennis...

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  5. Dennis... this is better than sliced bread! I can actually hear the audio on my iPad... couldn't before (no flash of course). And you got rid of the light pollution on the LSMMA camera. YES! I am totally appreciative and grateful of your work. Impressive. I don't miss much on your site. Thank you...
    ...john (North Prairie, WI)

  6. love them all, thanks

  7. Love the new cameras, so much more clear and great sound! Thanks.