Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Duluth Harbor Boat Traffic for Monday 6/24/2013

American Mariner arrived at 00:05
H. Lee White arrived at 05:23
St. Clair departed at 07:21
Arthur M. Anderson arrived at 18:40
Great Lakes Trader/Joyce L. Van Enkevort arrived at 22:45
Indiana Harbor arrived at 23:50


  1. Great watching the very last part of this video, where we get to see the Great Lakes Trader turn around to back into the dock as the Indiana Harbor arrives... my grandsons and I saw the Trader do the same thing (in daylight) when we came up to Duluth early this month and had been driving out on Minnesota point.
    Grammie Pat
    West St. Paul, MN

  2. Is anyone else having issues with the sound on the GLA camera?? About all we can get is static,the boat whistles can barely be heard.

  3. The video looks fine on this end. Audio is poor in the summer -- the camera is located next to a roof vent, so when it gets warm, the vent gets noisy.

    Better sound is on my list.


  4. Yes the video is great.It must be the vent noise we are picking up because it is a pretty much a constant roar.Thanks for the reply.At least we know our speakers haven't blown up. :)

  5. It is 90 degrees here -- over the hill -- a pleasant 66F by the big lake.