Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Big Mack is in Town

After spending the morning breaking ice in front of the Duluth Shipping Canal, the Cutter Mackinaw cruised under the Duluth Lift Bridge this afternoon.  The Mighty Mack is in town to help break up harbor ice prior to the first laker getting underway on Tuesday.

Take a look around the Mackinaw Control Bridge


  1. Thanks for all the great pictures of Duluth/Superior Harbor. It is interesting to view not only still pictures but also the videos of the two ice breakers in action. Was amazed at the control bridge of the Mackinaw with the unique video! A day hardly goes by that I don't check out the harbor area on the computer. We owe Dennis OHara many thanks for all the time and perfessional photos he shares with us.

    A viewer in Huron, SD

  2. agree We (9 year and 6 year) and us parents love too see pics from mr. Ohara! thanks for a job well done, Dennis!