Wednesday, March 27, 2013

NEW! Harborwatch Alerts

Harbor Watch Alerts (Updated)

I am republishing this with updated info now that I have experimented a bit. These alerts are  intended for those fanatical folks who, like me, really like watching the harborcams.

If you would like an email or text message when there is imminent or important harbor activity to watch on the  website, email me and let me know whether you want email or text notifications. For text notifications, I will need your mobile phone number.

Alerts will be sent out for the following reasons, when I notice activity and when I am available to send an the alert:
  • Large boats entering the Duluth Shipping Canal
  • Harbor activity of particular interest
  • Weather events of particular interest
  • Harbor events such as regattas, races, etc
  • Alerts will not be sent for routine traffic between 10PM and 5AM

P.S. Once I have entered your email or text # you will get a confirmation request that you must acknowledge.


  1. hey Dennis, are you aware of issues with Duluth not operating for I.E? I have been watching on Fire fox; thanks agin for your work!Loved the video when you boarded the pulp ship! Matt

  2. Hi, The I.E. issue is a conflict between IE and the Google Earth Plugin. I reformatted the homepage in hope of correcting the problem.

    Let me know!

  3. thanks again, DENNIS! have a great week!

  4. Hey, you should definitely keep this! It is very helpful and i won't miss a ship now!

  5. What has happened to the maps at the bottom of the page - the ones that show the location of the ships not just in the Duluth Harbor but on Lake Superior as well - I miss those.

  6. As you can see in the above comment, there is a problem with Internet Explorer browser when the Google Maps are on the front page.
    I have moved them to the two AIS (Vessel Traker AIS and Marine Traffic AIS) links in the right column until Microsoft gets a fix.