Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mesabi Miner Leads Out!

Today, the Mesabi Miner pushed through tight harbor ice with the help of the tug North Carolina, as it opened the 2013 Shipping Season.
The Miner negotiated a couple tight turns as it followed a narrow path opened by cutters and kept open by the tugs.
Welcome to the 2013 Shipping Season!


  1. Great pictures Dennis, the Great Lakes Tug is the North Carolina though. Thanks, Dean

  2. Perhaps you could answer a question for me? On the harbor cam there is a dark round object that sticks up above the salt pile in the foreground.Is that the stack of the sunken tug Essayon?

  3. You are correct. I turned the LaFarge cam this afternoon so that you can see it from a different angle. Here is a link to today's image.

    Also, here is a summer image: