Friday, March 8, 2013

Ice Breaking to start Monday!

The Coast Guard will begin icebreaking operations in the Twin Ports area on Monday. While normal shipping is a few weeks away, the warming sun is beginning to take it's toll on ice conditions.
View Cutter Gallery HERE.
CGC Alder in 2012

Retired Cutter Sundew (2003)


  1. Oh you took down the photo of the cutter with the geese on the ice in front of it! That was the neatest of the 3.

  2. Ok-- added the picture of the Sundew back -- crazy geese

    1. Thanks-crazy geese & crazy people like me. :)
      Can't thank you enough for all the work you put into this site.

  3. Dennis, like the LaFarge camera reorientation. Will this be permanent?

  4. The Lafarge cam will be turned to watch ice breaking operations during the day while the Alder is at work, otherwise it will be turned to look down the canal and directly at the Lift Bridge.

    Glad you like the view!

  5. The Alder will not be going out today (Tuesday) but will be out again later this week.