Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Duluth Harbor Boat Traffic for Monday 10/8/2012

Vancouverborg (Dutch) arrived at 02:32
James R. Barker arrived at 06:01
Lakes Contender/tug Ken Boothe, Sr. arrived at 06:29
Joseph L. Block departed at 12:45
James R. Barker departed at 18:50
Herbert C. Jackson departed at 19:45
Lakes Contender/tug Ken Boothe, Sr. departed at 20:25
American Spirit arrived at 21:05
John J. Boland departed at 21:30


  1. Hope someone catches the rainbow from the port entry camera around 5pm Tuesday 10/9...Very nice over the lake.

  2. The LSMMA Cam caught the rainbow at 17:00.

  3. It looks like there is (was) a second rainbow, very faint, off to the right of the brighter one.