Friday, October 26, 2012

Camera Update

All cameras are now operational

LSMMA - Lake Superior Maritime Maritime Museum - Canal View
Bridgecam - Hillside view of Aerial Lift Bridge area
GLA Cam - View of Aerial Lift Bridge from atop the Great Lakes Aquarium
LaFarge - View from atop old Lafarge Cement Plant - this view will change as camera is rotated
Harborcam - Hillside view of main Harbor

I will be upgrading the Lafarge camera in the near future as weather permits.

Thank you for your patience this week as I did some maintenance and upgrades. Please let  me know if you run across any issues, or, if you have any other comments or suggestions.



  1. The LaFarge camera is giving us a wonderful view this morning (Friday) looking straight out through the canal. Great work, Dennis! [A little fuzziness every third vignette or so]

  2. I have to say how pleased I am to see how well you take care of the cams. I look at the cams just about every day when I get to my business. We quit having internet service at home and I grew up loving the lake superior area with my parents. I can't get enough of the lake now that we started coming back to lake superior and looking at the cams helps make my day Thank you Byron

  3. Great view from the old Lafarge Cement Plant, however, it appears the wind is causing some camera shake....

  4. Chuck, yes, the Lafarge cam is the oldest one and I have a new replacement camera on order.

  5. Thanks for the LaFarge cam. We really enjoy the view down the canal!We should be able to see the ships coming in from a long ways out.
    Thanks again for getting our old favorite view back!

  6. You take really good care of us, Dennis! Your work is very much appreciated.

  7. Are you going to put a camera or two at the
    Superior entrance?

    Grand Rapids, Michigan

  8. Bernie,

    I would love to put a camera at the Superior Entrance, and I think I could technically work it out, but, I haven't had any luck getting permission from the Corps of Engineers.

    Maybe someday!

  9. You're spoiling us with all of these great views.

    Many thanks.


  10. On the Superior entrance, have you contacted BNSF to see if you could put a couple of cameras on their building. One showing the entrance and one showing the loading dock.

    What about the docks to the north of BNSF, any luck there.

    Grand Rapids MI

  11. RE: Superior cam:

    Does the Coast Guard still have jurisdiction of the Superior lighthouse? You could ask them about mounting a cam there. I don't know what the chances are of BNSF letting you mount one on their loading facility. I don't know why the ACOE is giving you problems about placing a cam at Superior. They have four cams at the Soo Locks that they operate on their own website.

  12. Keven,

    There isn't a suitable location within the fence at the house, so I would need to put the camera on a light pole that has a 110v power supply.
    I could also try solar power, but, that gets expensive.

  13. Dennis, you say the view from LaFarge will be changing. I'm hoping we don't lose the direct view down the canal as it lets you see the furthest out. What will it be changing to?

    Thanks for all you do, Scott

  14. Scott,
    The camera can be rotated to view a different part of the harbor if desired. For instance, If no boats were scheduled, I could rotate the camera to the Port Authority or somewhere else.
    Generally, it will be pointed down the canal.
    When I replace the camera, soon, the new one will be in the same location and pointed down the canal also.

  15. OK, now we're being thoroughly spoiled with all the wonderful camera views. I also love the LaFarge view. It's great to see them come in from a long ways off and then start to turn as soon as they get through the canal. Gee - can I put in a request for a couple of cameras out in the lake - there should be plenty of buoys out there! Ha, ha, ha. Thanks Dennis.

  16. Thanks for all your hard work with the cams! It's so much fun (and very peaceful) watching the boats come and go!

  17. Denis, Thanks for the views! Also the historic tidbits are great.
    Thanks Much!

  18. Thank you for all you do! It's VERY much appreciated! ~Jeff