Thursday, September 20, 2012

Duluth Harbor Boat Traffic for Wednesday 9/19/2012

James R. Barker arrived at 01:20
American Integrity arrived at 06:00
John G. Munson departed at 08:00
James R. Barker departed at 12:45
Kaministiqua arrived at 20:45
American Integrity departed ar 22:50


  1. Hi Dennis, Have the leaves started changing in your part of the country? Here on the Gulf Coast, we'll welcome Fall with 90+ degrees tomorrow and no gorgeous colors. I'm counting on you for my Autumn fix.

  2. The leaves are about 50% if you are inland from Lake Superior. We are expecting heavy frost Saturday night so they will start to change rapidly now.
    I will be heading up the North Shore next week to enjoy the scenery. I'm sure it will be a mix of green, yellow, reds and browns.

  3. I loved your aerial shots from 2010. Will you be doing any of those this season?