Friday, March 9, 2012

Northern Lights

I couldn't pass up the chance to view the Aurora Borialis ( Northern Lights) last night. At 3:30AM I walked down the road in the light of a full moon. The moon shadows where apparent in the fresh snow, and a nearby hoot owl chimed in as wolves howled on a distant ridge.  It reminded me of how much goes on in nature even at night.

The Northern Lights are always a treat to photograph and this morning was no different.   Here are a few for you and hopefully more tonight there will be more.


  1. Thanks again for sharing! Your description of your walk brings me back to my childhood living north of Mora. As always Love your pics!

  2. Thanks for taking these pictures. I've never seen Northern Lights before! I live too far down south.

  3. Dennis these ar so breath taking ..Wish we could of seen them but nice to see the pixs

  4. Beautiful photos. Is that a frozen lake covered in snow? Sorry for the dumb question, we don't have many of those here on the Gulf Coast.

    1. Yes, a small snow covered lake. There was a full moon so the snow visible in the moonlight.

  5. Gorgeous! I was near Gooseberry for the weekend but missed the Northern Lights - I was hoping you would capture them.

    Thanks for passing along the gorgeousness of the North Shore.

  6. Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing these awesome photos! Wish we lived in an area where we could witness the beauty of the northern lights. They don't show up to often in Iowa.