Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sunny afternoon at Split Rock Lighthouse

After what looked like a snow-less winter, the storms have now lined up to give us a good taste of winter before we get springtime.
While it's only a few more weeks before the big boats start moving, I though I would share a few images from a sunny afternoon at Split Rock Lighthouse.  The lighthouse area just received a foot of snow making everything pure white which contrasted with the deep blue of Lake Superior in a beautiful splendor of the beauty that surrounds is in the Northland.
So, enjoy the scenery from a particularly late winter afternoon on the North Shore.


  1. Awesome Photos, Dennis. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Linda Hotger
    Kellogg, Iowa

  2. Wow--thank you Dennis!!


  3. Another series of incredible photos. Thank you!

  4. Fabulous You are brillant!! Thank You!!

  5. The pictures are magnificent, the fury and beauty are awesome, Thanks for sharing.It was in the sixties in Chicago today, we have not seen such power this year

  6. Phil Hunter, Bangor, MaineMarch 4, 2012 at 7:00 PM

    A wonderful set of photograghs. I've only been able to take summertime pictures, so to see the clarity and unitque vantage points in the winter is quite inspiring. Thanks for your efforts

  7. Love the cedars in the fore ground of Split Rock and the reflection shot, so very nice and crisp I want to step into the photo! These are healing when I'm missing the North Shore. Thanks, Jana