Spring 2018 Fundraiser

Hellow fellow Boat Watcher's -- The Bad News First!

Along with thousands of other small-time Youtube operators, this week, we have been informed by Google that due to a change in Google operating policy effective February 20th, 2018, and others will no longer be eligible to make revenue by running Google Ads on the site.

I use the ad revenue to pay for rent at the harborcam hub (small office) where 5 cameras, the marine scanner and AIS are connected to the internet. I also manage and maintain duluthharborcam networking and admin from this location.  

Without this income source, I am afraid that I will have to run another fundraiser to pay the rent for harborhub.  This is in addition to the Fall Fundraiser for internet services and maybe a camera fundraiser along the way.

The Good News!
1. There will be no more ads on the website starting February 20th.
2. I have enough funds for January, February and March rent from previous ad income.
3. I am confident that as a group, we can raise enough money to take care of the rent with the Spring Fundraiser (goal $6900 for one year) and the internet streaming services Autumn fundraiser ($4200 annual streaming).
4. The Vikings are in the playoffs!

While I do not take a salary for my work, I take great joy in viewing the cams and knowing you are also enjoying the views. While I don't particularly care for fundraising, your generosity never ceases to amaze me.  Believe me, I wouldn't have any fundraisers if I didn't have to.

The path forward from here!
I will be starting the Spring Fundraiser next week in order to get ahead on the rent and will using the funds I have now as a starting balance with the goal to cover the harborhub rent for one year ($6900)

Any contributions will be put aside for the specific purpose of rent, just like the camera streaming funds were put aside to cover the cams through 2018.

Thanks again for all the help, past, present and the future!