Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Two Harbors Fishermen 031018 - The rest of the story

The previous video showed the last half of a long challenge for two fishermen determined to get their boat into Lake Superior.  This video is a 5 minute timelapse of the entire two-hour endeavor.

-Early Spring fishing, certainly has its challenges.


  1. Dennis this is too funny! I think you are right, they must be named Ole and Sven. Thanks for the video. Hope they caught a lot of fish.

  2. dennis.my hat is off to those 2 pro fishermen

  3. I watched on Saturday as they finally made it away from the dock and into the harbor at a very slow speed, I was worried they'd use all their gas just trying to get out to the lake. Bravo for them!

  4. As I watch the video, all I could hear was the Benny Hill theme.

    1. You too huh!? hahahaa

  5. I see the fisherpeople were back again Friday morning 3/16 launching their boats into the frozen water. Fishing must be good.

  6. Hahahahaaaa, this is a Lem and Ephus, Men from Maine comedy sketch all day long. Ayuh! -RI boatnerdgal