Saturday, April 19, 2014 Update!

Hi folks,

Just a bit of an update: website- I have moved the thumbnail photos that linked to the snapshot cameras to text links on the right sidebar. I have also made some other minor format changes in order to simplify the site like moving the scanner and AIS to the left column.

Also, in the next few weeks, I will be moving the GLA camera to another location on the aquarium roof in order to provide a better view of the harbor and front area of the DECC.

Penny asked who maintains and pays for all this cameras?  Well, I am able to cover some of the expenses so far by using the Google Ads that you see on the site.  The simple fact is, I am blessed that technology now can enable myself and others to enjoy a very special place called Duluth and I will keep doing this as long as there is a + in my bank account.

Not everyone gets to see the thank-you emails that I often receive from folks that use these cameras as a tie-line to home, a place they would like to call home, or just a fond memory.  That's why I do this.  Also, of course, I just like watching the cameras myself.

I would like to acknowledge the following organizations and companies that graciously allow me to operate the cameras that you see on this website.

Pier B Resort Association - (Lafarge/Pier B camera)
Great Lakes Aquarium - (GLA cam)
Army Corps of Engineers/ LSMMA/Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center

If it wasn't for these fine folks, we wouldn't be able to see what we can see today!

The boats are on their way back and Spring has arrived!



  1. Thanks Den, your work, and devotion are obvious and appreciated.

    (Not to be picky but I think the clock on the new webcam (facing the bridge) is an hour slow. Well yes, it is to be picky.)

  2. Thanks for the heads-up on the clock John -- should be good now.

  3. your awesome Den,,cant wait to try out the new cam on some ships, thanks..

  4. Dennis, you might consider putting a Paypal donation link on the site. Even if you enjoy doing this, there are probably many of us who'd love to pitch in a bit.

    1. Yup, you've got that right. Dennis brings us such happiness by doing all of this for us. Penny again.

    2. At the top of the right-side page margin, there's a "Like this site buy me a cup of coffee" link that opens a PayPal portal.

  5. Thank you for these cameras. I have never been to Duluth but hope to get there someday very soon. In the meantime I make my way to Marquette (my daughter lives there) and the Soo to freighter watch!

  6. Thank You for everything you do Dennis. Looking forward to another great season!! ~Jodene