Monday, September 10, 2012

Duluth Harbor Boat Traffic for Sunday 9/12/2012

I should have been down at the harbor for such as beautiful morning but I wasn't.   This is where the harborcams come in  -- I was fortunate to able to enjoy the view anyway, be it virtual, by having webcams in place.  Mornings like this, is why I do this.

I hope you find a great way for you to also enjoy the incredible views of Lake Superior and the Duluth Harbor as well as the boat traffic.
Sunrise - 9/10/2012
CSL Tadoussac Arrival - 9/10/2012
Lee A. Tregurtha arrived at 04:05
Indiana Harbor departed at 13:10
Lee A. Tregurtha departed at 14:10
Sundew arrived at 16:10
James R. Barker arrived at 20:50


  1. I think you deserve to sleep in once in a while. Thank you so much for all the wonderful pics you share with us. The lake, harbor, ships, etc, are all so beautiful and remind us to be thankful for what we might otherwise take for granted. Thanks again.

  2. I totally agree with Anonymous' comments. Thank you so much for providing beautiful views for those of us who can't see them in person. I visit your page almost daily and love watching the boats arrive and depart. Thank you!