Thursday, February 7, 2019

Silver Bay Marina

Here is a photo of the Silver Bay Marina I took back in 2017. We will be installing our new cams here once the weather warms up.

Needle Frost _ Duluth MN

The recent winter weather has created some amazing scenery around the area.  In particular, a buildup of needle frost on the higher elevations around the lake.

I have tried to capture some of the rather interesting scenes from the area on this video.

The music is by: Eric Matyas -

Ice cover on Canal Cam!

We have had three days of ice buildup on the Canalcam.  There is a small heater inside the camera that has been unable to keep up and melt the ice in the camera window.  Once the winds shift today the deicing should gain some ground.

If the camera window is not thawed out by next Tuesday (2/12) I will grab a bottle of deicer and help it along. With the incredible frost and snow, the hillsides around the area are a winter wonderland.

Friday, February 1, 2019

February Daybreak - 02/01/19

With the cold snap ending and the sun once again tracking north, it is a good time to be thankful.