Harbor Photographers

Harbor Photographers

The following area photographers often focus on boats, harbors, and Lake Superior.
Throughout the years I have come to appreciate their work and know that you will also enjoy viewing the various nautical themes through their lenses.

All the photographers listed below have a love for the area and an eye for beauty. Visit their websites to view more photography.

Paul Sundberg - paulsundbergphotography.com

Christian Dalbec - christiandalbecphotography.com

Paul Scinocca  - Paul Scinocca Facebook

Gregory Israelson - Greg Israelson - Facebook

Jeff Doty -  Facebook Page

Terry White -  Facebook Page

Glenn Blaszkiewicz - Facebook

Matt Siverness - Facebook

Jon Dyess - Facebook

Jane Herrick - Facebook

Bill Donovan - Facebook  Website

Charlie Smith  Facebook Page

David Schauer -  Facebook Page


  1. The Duluth area should be very proud of the great photographers it has in the area. The pictures, are just breath taking, each and everyone of them. They remind me of the years I spent snowmobiling (83 to 87)in the area and alot of stories that went with all the pics i took back then, of course the camera was not digital( Cannon FTB and required film)so I had to keep it inside my one piece snowmobile suit to keep it warm. Please keep up the great job , your work and efforts are greatly appreciated and admired.

  2. I was raised in Canada & the Midwest. Visited Duluth in the early fifties. Retired to Arizona. This group of fine photographers brings back all the glory and beauty of the lake region. Keep up the great work

  3. Great work, guys. We love the North Shore and Duluth. Just spent a week at the South Pier Inn. What a great place to watch the boats entering and leaving the harbor. We highly recommend that hotel.