Help, the live streams don't work.
It has only been possible to live stream from a webcam for a few years now and there are still many glitched that can hamper the streams.

How do the streams work?
A single camera connection is sent to a camera streaming service which then provides a stream link prepared for hundreds of internet viewers without bogging down to the individual camera.

The capability and quality of the camera stream depend on:
  1. Internal camera operations and programming
  2. The connection of the camera to an internet router - some of the camera must wirelessly transmit the video stream for a mile before it is received and connected to the internet router.
  3. Internet connection to the router must have available bandwidth and not be bogged down.
  4. Once the streaming service starts the stream going, other things come into play on your end.
  5. You must have fast enough internet speed to play the video.
  6. You must have enough available bandwidth the play the video.
  7. You must have a fast enough processor power and buffer memory to play the video.
So, as you can see, there are lots of things that can hamper your view of the stream and it amazing that it works as well as it does.

If you are having trouble viewing the streams, try the following:

  1. Reset your device - this resets the memory buffers and gives more memory space.
  2. Try a different browser - browsers are always struggling to keep up with changes and may not work for a while when operating systems change.
  3. Try a different device - if you can check the stream on a different device to see if the issue is only with the one having trouble.
  4. Check other cameras -- all the cameras stream from the same location, so, if you can see one and not the other, it may be a camera problem -- let me know.
  5. Use the Puffin Browser -- it always seems to work.
Don't forget that the snapshot page is available and updated several times a minute.