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note:  remember, I am not a non-profit (I don't know how to be one, or want to deal with the paperwork) so, support is not tax deductible.  This may change in the future.
Project- Replace Two Harbors Depot Cam which has failed
Start Date: 11/3/2019
Completion Date: 11/03/2019 Raised $1676

11/3/2019 - Camera ordered

11/14/2019 - Camera installed and running - some configuration remains.

Update - 10/3/19 -- fundraiser complete - $5300 raised  
Raise enough funds to finance camera operations for 2020.
11 cameras x $372/Yr = $4092
Internet connection = $100/mo = $1200
Total=$5292 = 2020 Goal

Thanks in advance!
Replaced Two Harbors Boat Launch Cam - 8/25/2019 - Complete
Pier B Cam replacement = 7/30/2019 -- Complete
Canal Cam Upgrade - Update 3/13/2019 - Project complete
Canal Cam Upgrade - Update 2/23/2019 - Camera is programmed and ready for installation once the weather warms up into the 20's - probably the first week or two of March.

Canal Cam Upgrade - Started 2/18/2019 -- Replace the Canal Cam with an upgraded camera and keep the existing camera for backup. Project cost = $1500
Silver Bay Camera Project Update - 4/10/2019 - Complete

Silver Bay Camera Project Update -  12/26/2018 - Cameras are ready for installation -  waiting for wiring.  Project completion forecast - 4/1/2019

Silver Bay Camera Project Update - 12/14/2018 - Two Cameras are programmed and reading for installation.  Waiting on some underground wiring. Projected install date: 4/1/2019

Update Project 2018-5 12/05/2018 - Funds raised.

Project 2018-5 Started 12/04/2018 - Install cameras at Silver Bay Marina
Plan to install two cameras at the Silver Bay Marina - one looking over the marina and one looking at the entry to North Shore mining.  Planned cost = $3000

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Update Project 2018-4 06/16/2018 - Project complete

Update Project 2018-4 06/10/2018- New cam is programmed. I had to order an additional part, so, it will be the end of the week before installation.

Update Project 2018-4 06/08/2018 Camera should be here today and I will begin programming and installation.

Start Project 2018-4 06/04/2018 - Replace Hillside Cam with a Panorama cam that will pan from downtown to West Duluth.
Update Project 2018-3 051518 - Compete
Update Project 2018-3 05/09/2018 -  Bridgecam and Harborcam both on order. Any additional funds will be saved for the next project.  

Update Project 2018-3  05/09/2018  Fundraiser extended to add in the Bridgecam.

Update Project --- 2018-3  5/8/2018 - Camera on order.

Fundraiser - Canal Cam Replacement Upgrade SUCCESS!
Once again, thank you for so generously supporting the harborcams.

In Two hours, we raised the $1000 needed for the upgrade/replacement of the Canal Cam.

I will keep you posted on the project progress.

Thanks again,
Project 2018-3 --- Started 5/7/2018  - Replacement Upgrade for Canal Cam
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Project 2018-2 ---- 05/01/2018 - Wisconsin Point Cam installed.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Project 2018-1 ---- 04/01/2018 -- GLA camera replacement installed.
Project #6  - Install cameras at Two Harbors.
The Lake Superior Maritime Museum has already funded one camera, this project will fund a second camera.  Due to the location, two cameras are needed to cover Lighthouse Point and marine traffic.
We are in need of $1700 to fund the second camera. 


Update: 12/24/2016
Paid for all camera streams through November 2017. Thanks

10/4/2016 -- Project - 5 -- Success --- in 3 days we raised enough to fund the camera streams for 2017.  Thanks for the support  -- subscriptions will be paid as they come due in November.

10/1/2016 Projects 5 progress report  -- thanks so much - we already have nearly two of the seven cameras covered for 2017.
Project #5 -  Pay streaming camera fee for 2017!
If I buy an annual subscription for each camera the cost is $300/year ($25/month).  If I buy a monthly subscription, it is $30/month ($360/Yr). So, basically 2 months free streaming if I can buy a year at a time.

The subscriptions come due in November, so, I would like to buy the annual subscriptions if possible.

Any support you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Progress Report- 6/1/2016 - New Pier B cam installed and functioning.
Progress Report-4/30/2015 - Project 4 - Complete - After analysis of the network, it appears the we just have a slow upload speed. While it should be fast enough at 4MB, it is very dependent on the image density that is streaming, available upload speed at the time, other connections to the network and other complications.

There are solutions, all of which cost more money. The good news is, connections are getting faster all the time and the next generation of web cams are twice as good at image compression.

For now, I'll make every effort to keep the network uncluttered, however, things have gotten a bit better and although you can expect some delays, they do not yet warrant the extra cost.

Progress Report - 4/21/2015 - Project 4 -  Compudyne of Duluth was hired to investigate camera slowdown.  As with most intermittent trouble, all systems were working fine today. We will have to wait for the issue of intermittent streaming to arise again before further investigation.

Project #4 Progress Report 4/17/2015
The goal of this project is to analyse the internet connection speed, camera setup and network traffic at the Marine Museum in order to optimize available internet bandwidth and minimize camera pauses.

  1. Both cameras streaming ok, most of the time.
  2. Bandwidth does occasionally bounce into the 4MB upload limit.
  3. The bandwidth needed by each camera stream depends somewhat on the light conditions and busyness of the view.  i.e reflecting morning sunlight on the wavers double and triples the need bandwidth until the sun moves out of the scene.
  4. Last week we raised $600 to investigate ways to optimize these tow cameras.
  5. I have hired computer company to examine the internet/network connection to see if speed can be improved.  We will be starting this examination next Monday and hopefully get these two cameras streaming better then ever.

4/10/2015  -  LSMMA Network Analysis - Goal ($500) Goal reached - $600
The two cameras at the Maritime Marine Museum are not running smoothly. I think there is enough bandwidth, so, there might be something on the network using it besides the cameras. 
I am not a network engineer, so, I need to hire one to see if the system can be made faster for the cameras work smoother.   
I am guessing it would be $500 to have someone come and tell me what needs to be done.
So, once we get $500 in the camera fund, I will hire someone for the job.
Thanks again for all the support.  We are making progress.
(Completed Successfully)
Project #3  - Wire in Visitor Center speakers so LSMVC camera microphones will pick them up clearer.
Reason: Visitors request
Funding Goal: $500
Start Date: Spring 2015
End Date: Spring 2015
Results: Successfully funded - Complete

Project #2 - (COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY) acquire backup camera
Reason - Quick replacement when camera fails.
Scope: Order new camera  and have it on standby
Goal: Raise $1200 for replacement camera
Start Date: Funding started 12/6/2014
End Date: Funding ended 12/8/2014
Results:  Successfully funded -Complete

Project #1 - (COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY) Replace old Harborcam with new streaming camera.
Reason - The Harborcam camera has been faithfully working for 6 years and is getting tired.  It does not have the capability to live stream, so, it needs replacing.
Scope: Order new camera plus associated equipment and replace old Harborcam camera.
Goal: Raise $1270 for news camera system and have it installed by end of December 2014
Start Date: Funding started 12/3/2014
End Date: Funding ended 12/6/2014
Results:  Successfully funded - Complete

Note: Camera has been ordered and will be installed the last week of December 2014.

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