Thursday, November 21, 2019

Camera Update!


Two Harbors: The internet provider at Two Harbors is struggling at bit to work through some unusual operating issues keeping the two cameras from connecting to the internet. They are working through the problem and doing their best to get the cameras back online. The connection should be better than ever.

Bridge microphone:  The Bridge Cam mic shorted out last week. I have the replacement ready to install now and hope to replace it tomorrow.  Depending on the time it takes, I have a replacement mic for the Canal Cam also.

GLA Cam:  I installed a new antenna radio system this week and the connection seems much better.

Harbor Hub:  I have upgraded the internet connection speed at the Harbor Hub that will improve the connection to all six cams that stream through there.

Thank you for your patience and incredible support.



  1. Dennis-

    Thank you for keeping us updated and "online"; it is much appreciated!!!


  2. Awesome work as always, That's why we love this site

  3. Hi. My sister, daughter, and I visited Duluth last year and just loved your beautiful city. We really enjoyed checking in on Duluth your webcams. Thanks for hosting them! Mike Mower, Salt Lake City, Utah

  4. Thank you so much Dennis for all of your hard work. I have watched these cameras for 5 years. I just love them. I look at them every day. Your website is the first I check out every day. Thank you so much for keeping them going.

    1. Ditto, thanks Dennis... Grammie Pat, West St Paul MN

  5. They have to get it fix by ice fishing season!! Good luck Dennis.

  6. Thanks so much for keeping these cameras going and transmissions working so well and keeping us updated on it.