Sunday, November 19, 2017

Bentlyville Opening night 11/18/2017

Bentlyville opened last evening for the Holiday Season.


  1. Ugh, they should get their money back if they paid for that new Bentleyville song... much preferred last year's Bentleyville theme. It's the 3rd of 3 songs on the video from last year, which is over 6minutes long. Grammie Pat, West St.Paul, MN

  2. Just one of the old songs I grabbed. Not sure if they even use it.

    1. Oh okay, good to know. I usually like older songs, but that one was pretty blah, too much repetition and little variation in the notes. :) Grammie Pat

  3. Always great to see the lighting up of Bentlyville. Thanks, Dennis. Everyone notice in the lower left corner the light display of the Bridge and a boat heading towards it. Great display! Judy K.