Saturday, October 1, 2016

Autumn is here!

Autumn is breaking out all over the northland now and Oberg Mountain on the North Shore is a perfect place to view the changing seasons and the beauty of creation.
Oberg Mountain


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  2. Aw looks like we missed it by a week- oddly the colors were better in local areas to the south and east- maybe precipitation related? Casna

  3. Leaves won't change by the shores of Lake Superior for another 10 days!

  4. So beautiful! Thanks so much for extending our trip- especially on a road we probably wouldnt have the nerve to take - although there were certainly a few cars up there. Was this in the Oberg''s too?
    We would be leery of waiting until Oct to make the trip. We went to Sylvania one year and walked around in several inches of snow on September 30. I guess the lake keeps things warmer so the leaves stay greener later near the shore? Casna

  5. I just noticed your Troubleshooting link in your toolbar. This is a helpful explanation and list of solutions. Everyone should check this out. Thanks! Casna

    1. Also there! Some nice info and sources on the FAQ. All fans should read. Casna

  6. Beautiful drive, Dennis....thank you!