Monday, October 29, 2012

HMS Bounty lost off N.C. coast

14 rescued, 2 missing from HMS Bounty off N.C. coast

From NBS News - A search was under way Monday for two crew members of the stricken ship HMS Bounty, which sank off the coast of North Carolina, the U.S. Coast Guard said.
Earlier Monday, two Coast Guard helicopters rescued 14 people from life rafts after they were forced to abandon ship.

They were flown to Air Station Elizabeth City in North Carolina where they were met by awaiting emergency medical services personnel, the Coast Guard said.
An aircraft was on the scene, searching for the two missing crew members, with a Jayhawk helicopter en route to assist.

HMS Bounty passing through the Duluth Ship Canal in 2010
"It appears that two crew members didn't make it on to the life rafts," Coast Guard spokesman Lt. Michael Patterson told NBC News. The Coast Guard was speaking with the rescued crew members to find out more details.

The ship issued a distress signal late Sunday after taking on water, the U.S. Coast Guard said in a release.

The owner of the 180-foot, three mast ship -- which was built for the 1962 Marlon Brando movie, "Mutiny on the Bounty" -- lost communication with the crew and alerted the Coast Guard to the situation.
The Coast Guard then received a distress signal from the ship showing its position. It sent out an aircraft to speak with the crew, which reported that the vessel was taking on water and had no propulsion. It was located about 90 miles southeast of Hatteras, N.C.
“The 16 people donned cold water survival suits and life jackets before launching in two 25-man lifeboats with canopies,” the Coast Guard said in the statement. It had earlier reported  that there were 17 people aboard the ship.
The director of the HMS Bounty Organization, Tracie Simonin, said that the tall ship left Connecticut last week for St. Petersburg, Fla. The crew had been in constant contact with the National Hurricane Center and tried to go around the storm, she said.
The ship, now reportedly underwater, was earlier surrounded by 18-foot seas and 40 mph winds as Hurricane Sandy moves through the area.


  1. This is so sad. Seeing this ship this beauty at the tall ship festive brings even more meaning. Prayers go out to the familys of the two that are currently still lost at sea.

  2. Eternal Father, Strong to save
    Whose arm hath bound the restless wave
    Who bid'st the mighty Ocean deep
    Its own appointed limits keep
    O hear us when we cry to Thee
    For those in peril on the sea!
    ---"The Navy Hymn" (lyrics 1860 by Rev. William Whiting; set to music in 1861 by Rev. John B. Dykes)

  3. They probably should've deployed zodiac boats with the communication aircraft just as an insurance measure.