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  1. Love the scanner feed! Keep it going!

  2. absolutley keep it going

  3. First time. Make me feel that I'm in Duluth
    PK Dove Mtn Ar.

  4. Great website. I just discovered it today. I saw you "On the Road, with Jason". Last night. Great find for sure. We love Duluth.

  5. Is there anything special that needs to be done to enable the scanner?
    I have never been able to hear anything!?
    I have tried many times when shipping was active, but no results.

  6. Hi, The scanner should play fine on any device. Make sure you have your volume turned up and that you have selected the play button on the player.
    There is not a lot of traffic on the scanner, but, if you leave it running, you should be able to hear what is going on.
    I just heard a few maintenance guys chatting on it.
    There should be more activity on it as boat traffic increases in May.