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Lake Superior Marine Maritime Museum - Please consider helping the Lake Superior Marine Museum Association (LSMMA) offset the operating costs of providing our members and maritime enthusiasts with this exciting resource. The museum is a great resource for our areas and helps keep out nautical heritage alive and well. Donate Page

Great Lakes Aquarium - Your support enables us to connect people to Lake Superior and the waters of the world. Learning programs, animal encounters, and engaging experiences inspire people daily. Thank you for sharing your time and resources with our community! Donate Page
Thank you for your interest in helping support the harborcam operations. Maintaining, operating and streaming multiple cameras is an expensive and challenging endeavor and any donations are specifically directed to this task.The ads on the page help support its daily operations and I will run a fundraiser when we need to replace a camera, install a new camera or pay for annual internet fees. I always appreciate your support as well as support for the Marine Museum and the Great Lakes Aquarium.

Happy boat watching!


  1. Okay all of you camera lovers, it looks like it's time to start another donation drive! The fix for Two Harbors will be expensive I'm sure. I'm in!

  2. I would donate except your donate page wants more info than I'm willing to supply.