Saturday, January 20, 2018

Looking Back - Paul R Tregurtha grounding in Duluth - 2014

One of the most interesting occurrences that had to do with shipping in the Duluth harbor happen in 2014 when the 1000ft Paul R Tregurtha went aground near Bayfront Park. 

This video shows some still images I took from a helicopter of the incident.  While the cause is unknown, thankfully no one was hurt.


  1. Ah, good times!?!? The best part of the original video was hearing the whistle 9 short blasts as she headed towards the pavilion and a lot of very surprised people. Thanks for pulling that one out of the archives, Dennis. Judy

  2. I remember the day Dennis, I watched it live on your cameras! Thanks for the flashback.

  3. I understand that the cause was a seiche moving rapidly upsteam through the shipping canal that pushed the Tregurtha's prow to the left just as it was swinging in its right turn. The result was a stalemate.

  4. All kinds of stories floating around out there. At least there was no damage and they were on their way shortly after a quick check.

  5. I thought it was humorous how she ended up perfectly aligned with the pavilion towers. Casna

  6. There was a hot air balloon festival going on at the time at Bayfront Park. Most people thought is was a normal occurrence and walked up to the Tregurtha like it was just part of the show.

    1. Well it kindof was! Casna