Tuesday, May 2, 2017

James R Barker Horn MP3 File

For those who never get tired of listening the wonderful tune of the James R Barker's horn, here is an mp3 download for you to copy and listen to again and again. You might also want to use it for a special "Ring Tone" .😀

There is a download button in the upper right corning of the linked page.

Caution,  this is a dead give away that you may be a Boat Nerd!


  1. Ring tone set. Thanks Dennis! Didn't realize James R Barker had such a unique horn.

  2. Thanks for the ring tone idea Denny. I downloaded the horn and now have it as a ring tone.
    Waiting for the nice weather so you can complete your camera additions. Will you have audio on them to?
    Have a safe weekend.
    Neil S.

  3. Neil,
    Since the TH Depot cam will only be uploaded snapshots for now, it will not have audio. The cam near the boat launch will have audio capability, but not sure if it will be useful. We'll see!

  4. Wow. Stewart Cort just gave 3 salutes. Maybe in memory of Uncle Stewart who worked in the dry docks there.

    1. I believe the 3rd salute was due to Den's editing. When he snips the Bridge Cam to the Canal Cam on the vid we get a rehearing of the same salute- the one heard on the Canal is the same as the one heard on the Bridge Cam. Casna

  5. Nobody looks at their phone when my phone rings!!!
    I made the mistake of having my phone in my back pocket in a store when I got a call. (can you image the looks I got) HA HA GREAT

  6. I did put a caution note on the download!

  7. Thank You, she has a nice honker!

  8. Yes--if the horn sounds on bot camera clips I will play it twice, just to hear it again.