Friday, February 6, 2015

USS Duluth Anchor

After 40 years of service, the USS Duluth was retired and it's anchor has a fitting resting place between two other memorials on Duluth's Lakewalk. The anchor weighs 12 tons.


  1. Interesting information, caused me to do some research on a ship with a fine history that did its namesake proud. Thanks for your photo. Can't wait for spring!

    1. I miss her I served on board 1982-1984

  2. Found the nickname of the ship to be very interesting, "the Dirty D." It's a shame when beautiful ships have to go out of service. Also I stumbled upon the earlier Duluth, the CL-87, another great ship. How unfortunate she was to only have been around a few years!

  3. It must be very cold there. But you need to check your cameras they are covered in ice . I do love this site can't wait till the boats come back

  4. Cold is a good thing if your furnace works and your car starts.
    The ice is currently melting off the cameras-- all is good!