Thursday, May 29, 2014

CSL Assiniboine aborts entry into Duluth

The 740ft Canadian Lake CSL Assiniboine had to abort entry into the Duluth Shipping Canal this morning as it experiences unknown navigational problems.  It entered port an hour later.
This is a rare occurrence, but it does show the diligence needed even on calm summer mornings.


  1. Too bad the cam 2 was down, it wold have been awesome
    to see this one on that cam. I watched it on Pier B stream
    on my laptop in Kalamazoo.

  2. Yup, timing is everything! At least the Pier B cam got it.

  3. Dennis, will the sound be restored to the Visitor Center cam at some point? Thanks so much for all you do!

  4. Should be good now -- thanks for letting me know.

    1. It's great now. Thank you again!

  5. RE: Assiniboine missed approach.
    Any word on what happened?

  6. Looks like is came towards the canal at too much of an angle and decided it couldn't make the turn. I was at the edge of my chair wondering if it would run aground but I suppose the perspective on the long shot made it look worse than it really was.