Sunday, January 5, 2014

Baie Comeau arrival Duluth (-20F) 1/5/2014

The new 730 ft Baie Comeau arrived this morning in -20F temperatures - one of the most beautiful arrivals I have scene in a long time.  My wife Debby was able to operate the webcam recording for this arrival while I was taking "real" pictures.  As a photographer, these are the days you wait for.
Wish you were here!


  1. Truly awesome shots! You could "feel" the cold in your pictures!
    Thank you!

  2. snapping shots through holes in the sea smoke,,nice work Dennis, I seen there were about 6 or 8 ship heads out there also..

  3. Man, you are amazing. Thank you again and again for letting us share what you do and enjoy soooo much....

  4. Great work.
    I was watching live.
    Good to have a record of the arrival under these conditions, doesn't happen often.
    Thanks to the both of you...
    London, Ontario

  5. Beautiful! I watched this come in on the visitor cam this morning. It just magically appeared through the sea smoke. Where are you taking your pictures from because it looks like you are almost standing in the water!
    Lori in VA

  6. Great Job, you two!!! Excellent pictures and we appreciate them very much!
    "Di." in SC

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  8. thanks for making me feel as tho i am back in my hometown this morning! beautiful pics! please keep 'em coming! be sure to thank your wife too! the video was amazing...

  9. Dennis,
    Fabulous pictures!!
    We are getting a small taste of your weather here in Ohio.
    Which tugs are these?

  10. Dennis, Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. You must really have one heck of an album. Thank God for the digital cameras eh ?
    She looks like a ghost ship coming in through the sea smoke. Hope she enjoys her first winter on the lakes. Keep warm

  11. Way to go Dennis!!! Awesome pictures! Thank you so very much for sharing this. So few people get to experience what happens in your frozen world. Gene

  12. Absolutely AMAZING - in every way! Because of these beautiful pictures & video, one can actually feel the bitter cold. Once again, thank you & sharing your passion with those of us who don't have the opportunity to experience it in person.

  13. Amazing photos and video. Thanks for sharing. Feels warmer here in northern Ohio already!
    Sondra, Ohio

  14. Yes, I do wish I'd been there!! Wonderful photos, Dennis, as always (and nice job, Debby)... great shots of the Great Lakes Towing tugs, too. Kudos to the boatwatchers braving the cold and the sea smoke on the breakwater, too.
    Grammie Pat
    West St Paul, MN