Wednesday, August 7, 2013

S.S. William A. Irvin

Today I had the chance to stop by for a tour of the Irvin.  What a magnificent ship and interesting tour. 
I took lots of photos but the Captains Bridge was the most interesting. The bottom photo is a 360 panorama of the bridge and if you click on the image, you can step into the scene.

History: (provided by DECC)
As the proud flagship of U.S. Steel's Great Lakes Fleet, she provided comfort and elegance to dignitaries and guests who traveled the Lakes with her. The Irvin was launched November 21, 1937 at the yards of the American Ship Building Company in Lorain, Ohio. At a cost of 1.3 million dollars, the Irvin was the first of four vessels in her class. Her maiden voyage began June 25, 1938 after outfitting in Lorain. The boat was christened by William Irvin's wife, Gertrude, and immediately went to work hauling bulk materials from Two Harbors and Duluth, Minnesota to U.S. Steel's mills of Lakes Michigan and Erie in Ohio and Indian.

 The Irvin is one of few Great Lakes vessels to be retired still holding a current Great Lakes cargo record. By 1978 when the ship entered final layup she had one of the smallest capacities due to the addition of the fleet's first 1000' ore boat.

The William A. Irvin is docked along the waterfront of Lake Superior next to the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center and near the Aerial Lift Bridge. Open daily for tours from May through September.

Click for 360 view of Captains Bridge

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