Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Duluth Harbor Boat Traffic for 5/20/2013

Heavy fog has prevented the cameras from seeing much in the past few days.  Better viewing days ahead.


  1. Odd as it may seem, i enjoy a foggy day or two from time to time. It just shows another beautiful side of the Northland. Thanks again.

  2. when I look at he Marine Traffic AIS, there are some ships that show up pink(Joyce VAn Englehaart) Why do these ships have different colors, and what is up with the ships different names? Just watched the great lake trader come thru, in the fog. COOL!

  3. It's because of the type of ship they are.Each category (freighters,barge tugs combo,etc.) shows as a different color. If you click on one of the ships it will tell you what they are.

    1. thanks for the info!

  4. and then you get night like May 23rd, 2013! WOW! gonna be a great night for the sunset!